ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE works by releasing the poor posture ingrained habits, changing the way your neck and body move, will effect the overall movement in the rest of your body and improve your physical and emotional condition.

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE can be applied to almost any activity or situation, thus making it more of a philosophy or re educational system, rather than a therapy or series of exercises.
Students learn to apply a series of principles which encourage an ongoing re-education to how one reacts to stimuli.  The technique offers long term benefits including improvement of stamina, ease of movement and a higher level of awareness, especially of every day habits, of which we are often unconscious. This allows the individual to engage in mental processes for clearer channels of thought and more constructive functioning of the physical mechanism.

The Technique can help:

Posture; Anxiety; Agility; Stamina; Clear thinking; Confidence; Communication; Balance; Voice; Muscular and Joint tension; Breathing difficulties; Headaches; Pregnancy related discomfort; Shyness; Personal insecurity; Coordination; Circulation; Indigestion. and Energise the body and mind;

After a lesson you will feel calmer, breath more easily, communicate more effectively and think more clearly.